ɪᴍᴘᴏsᴛᴏʀᴀ Episode 160 Finale

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    Impostora Nimfa was born with a disfigured face. All her life she is the object of scorn and disgust. Through her loving aunt, Denang and a few good friends, Deedee and Maxi, she remained a loving and kind person, even though the world is unkind to someone like her who is not physically attractive especially her neighbor, Crisel. But even the kindest people can only bear so much, Nimfa reached her limit and attacked Crisel. The altercation ended with Crisel falling face flat on a grill and destroying her face. Now badly wanted by cops including Crisel's brother Omar, Nimfa is on the run. She meets Dr. Jeremy Soriano, a talented plastic surgeon. With a desire to escape her past, Nimfa agreed for plastic surgery. After a series of successful operations, Nimfa is now beautiful. No one, not even Crisel and the cops looking for her could recognize her through her new beautiful facade, as if Nimfa just vanished. Nimfa thought that finally her life will change, but her beauty comes with a price. She discovers too late that all of the help Jeremy is giving her is just an elaborate plot of Jeremy and his lover, Rosette. Jeremy copied Rosette's face and put it on her. Forced by circumstances, Nimfa became an unwilling double, an impostor, and must take the place of Rosette, while the real Rosette and Jeremy will be leaving the country and will have the time of their lives through the money they stole from Rosette's husband, Homer. Nimfa was promised a huge pay if she completes her task, so she agreed for the sake of her sick aunt who needs medication and hospitalization. Nimfa practiced and learned everything the real Rosette knows. When she is ready, the exchange took place. Nimfa now posing as Rosette discovers what an awful person the real Rosette is. She now must pay for all the damage the real Rosette has done to all the people around her. But as days pass, Nimfa learns to love the life and the people the real Rosette never appreciated. Nimfa finally has the family that all her life she has been dreaming of. But everything must end and the real Rosette is back to claim her rightful place, but this time, Nimfa is not willing to exchange anymore as she finds herself falling in love with Homer. As Homer's family discovers the impostor's secret, they begin to accept and prefer Nimfa than the real Rosette.

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